2 bull(ish) ideas on BTC evolution - October 2022

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  1. Using Elliott waves theory we were able to "predict" the price action of Bitcoin since November 2021 to June 2022. The chart was this one :

You can hit the "play" button if you don't remember what happened next.

Going further using the same strategy, we are seeing 2 possible outcomes for the next 6 months :

a).Either the correction is over after hitting our initial target in the 17k $ area, corresponding to a fib 1.236 level of wave A on the weekly ....(this one is the one we trust)

b). Or we are going lower forming an extended correction to the 6-7k $ area (1.618 fib level from wave A - very unlikely)

If scenario a) is in place this is the probable path we are following (since June actually) :

If you hit the "play" button you will notice that the first 2 blue lines (waves) have already played out. We are very close to finding out if this scenario is reliable or not. I will keep updating on tradingview so follow to stay close to the action.

this is how the updates look like :

2. Using Fibo timezones we tried to project the timeline where this bull(ish) scenario would play out. We managed to come up with this one :

You know the drill, push the "play" button.

Not considering the b) scenario unless we get a weekly close under 16.398$.

Happy hunting my friends !


These opinions as usual do not represent financial advice and you will not trade on the scenarios before doing your own analysis. Crypto trading is a very risky endeavour and if you are not careful you can lose all your hard earned money.

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