Bitcoin hits 22.220 in 2020

Hello my friends,

We are witnessing an historical moment : bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency just hit an all time high of 22.220$ . We talked about this potential move yesterday in the free VIP report.

Since we are in unexplored and uncharted territory it's very hard to predict the price variation from here. Bitcoin needs to establish some new levels of resistance before we can make an educated guess on the future price variation.

Although everybody is very bullish (for good reason no doubt) I don't want to gamble at this price levels. A buy here followed by a drop in price to the foreseen levels of 17.100$ would be a spirit disease and a wallet destroyer.

On the tehnical side of things this still looks like the ending of the correction wave B, if this is the case a drop to the beggining of corrective wave A should follow (18.200$) . After this move completes we will be witnessing an Extended Impulse wave down.

I will keep you updated on the price movements.

It's a great time to be alive, we have war, poverty, world wide Covid 19 pandemic and a 22.220 $ Bitcoin.

Trade carefully my friends !

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