Bitcoin on the move 21st of October 2020

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hi, it’s a good day today :)

As I was saying in my last two weekly reports Bitcoin is on the move. The bitcoin domination chart (tradingview) is showing that people are moving their funds from altcoins into Bitcoin.

The price has reached 12.200$ this morning, which shows an increase in price of 5-600$ since yesterday.

Because people are rushing into Bitcoin and the alts are bleeding, i entered some of my favorite alts positions ( Uniswap & Sushi ). I got small entries but will grow if the price action intensifies.

Also did manage to get a quick scalp on bzrx, about 400$ in profit in a few hours.

Link remains my favorite coin to trade but I’ll share that position in 4 hours ;)

Please trade safely, crypto trading is risky.

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