Ethereum trade 06 november 2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Just a quick trade

Bitcoin is almost at 16.000$.

Although this seems very nice I think we should prepare for the normal and very natural crypto cycle : money goes into bitcoin then moves into large caps then mid caps then small caps and finally, back into fiat.

Considering this cycle I have opened a small ethereum long position at 412 $ ( Stop Loss 410$ ) :

Please remeber that this is not investment advice. My leverage is very high because I enjoy high risk trades. Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don't.

I do think eth is about to make a huge breakout to the upside of 6-700$ confirming my last VIP report.

Trade carefully my friends, the correction on BTC is not far.

Update : ETH is hovering around 430 $. At the same time BTC lost about 500$ from the top. I do think we will see another leg up before rocketing to 8.800$ ( still have an order there ).

Update 2 on the 8th of November : I closed my position on the 460$ level with a 934$ PNL.

Looking to re-enter at 430 - 435$ level .

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