VIP report no. 7 by Crypto Rob Educates

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

- Bitcoin analysis

- Ethereum analysis

- 2 mid cap coins analysis

- 2 high risk coins analysis

- Future promising projects

- 2 trading positions

Welcome to your VIP report. It contains exclusive information only shared with the members that have a paid subscription to our platform. Please consider the information as educational and not investment advice. Cryptocurrency trading is very risky and if you do not do your own research, you will probably lose your money.

The total marketcap had another rise from the level of 474 bln $ where it stood last week. At the moment the increase since last week is almost 75 bln $. I do wonder how this can happen mostly over the weekend since no institution trade on the weekend. Maybe they have live buy orders that get filled. Anyways during the weekend we also had a quick withdrawal o f almost 40 bln $ in a couple of hours. This action drove bitcoin`s price down by about 1000$ but it recovered quickly. It seems people are moving their money from the king to the ethereum competitor and also into large caps altcoins.

We had a wonderfull bullish week once again, I wonder how long Bitcoin can keep it up. My technical analysis suggest a correction is coming. I expect a move down to the 12.500$ levels, this will happen quick & bloody.

As I said last week the bears did put up a fight where the bulls lost 1000$ on the bitcoin price for a brief moment on Sunday, but the price recovered so fast that I think a lot of buy orders were in place over the weekend and they triggered a buying frenzy. I still think we will see a major correction soon (20-30%).

The total market cap is at 551.161.549.800 $ on the 23th of November 2020. It has risen about 75 bil $ since last week ( 110 bil $ in the last 2 weeks ).

  1. Bitcoin analysis

Bitcoin is trading around the 18.500$ levels ( Binance ).

That being said let's see what happened this week ( 16th-23rd of November 2020 ) and whats coming next:

We opened the week on the low side of the 16.000 $ level and reached a high of almost 19.000$ on Saturday the 21st of November 2020. This was followed by a short pullback of about 800$ to the 17.600$ levels the next day. It seems though the price made a recovery on Monday and is currently trading at the 18.600$ levels once again. This price action should serve as a reminder that crypto markets are highly volatile and you should DYOR before trading.

Personally I was not affected by this price action since I opened a short position last week and I am still expecting the price to go down in order for me to secure some profits at the 14.800$ levels.

The bitcoin dominance levels are showing signs of revrsal. This would mean the altcoin market is the place to be right now. Although some great profits can be made here, i do think we should wait for a bigger correction to get in. Also, dont't forget, when bitcoin rises, altcoins follow, when bitcoin corrects, altcoins correct harder.

I have been trading Bitcoin and making some good profits rate using EW. You can read more about it here: how to trade bitcoin using Elliot Waves.

On the bearish side of things, I still have long time unfiled buy order at 8.800$ :)

I charted the moves here: and will keep updating every week. We're fairly moving according to what was believed to be :)


Short entry 3 BTC position at 17.000$, take profit 14.800$

So, in my opinion the key points are as follows:

  • Bitcoin had reached it's all time high and bounced back, now trading sideways.

  • A correction should (must) follow

  • Bull - Bitcoin needs to revisit the 13.000$ levels and bounce

Personal positional bear long time trade (2) : order to buy BTC at 8.800$

Also order to buy at the 14.700$ ( short term )

Im trading bitcoin on Binance.

2. Ethereum analysis

Ethereum blew up over the weekend. I had an entry at the 460 $ levels that I took profits on too early at the 525$ levels.

Now it's trading at the 585$ levels and doesn't seem to want to stop. This is probably because of ETH 2.0, which at the moment is almost funded 50%. Because of what it means to the ethereum ecosystem I'm going to keep including the details in every report until it goes live. If you need further information on how to proceed if you want to subscribe your ETH for ETH 2.0 rewards, contact me via email and I'll try and help you with the info (free service).

Last week's analysis is still underway:

  • The first phase Ethereum (ETH) witness is the strong correlation wherein a riveting behavior is witnessed comparing Ethereum and Bitcoin (BTC) trends.  

  • Both cryptocurrencies are moving in an identical trend, almost directly proportional to each other.

  • Price upthrusts move in the same fashion; once BTC price experiences a rise, similar effects are seen on the cryptocurrency queen charts. The amount varies; however, the directional trend is identical at all times.

  • The second phase depicts a strong divergence and stark difference from phase one. Strong price divisions can be seen as per the markings on the chart. On a small-scale time-frame, akin trends of cliffs and peaks are seen but in general, the price is moving in a contrasting fashion almost inversely proportional. Bitcoin has shown a rise of 10 percent, while Ethereum has witnessed a downtrend of the same value.

  • Phase 3 constitutes of Convergence in the direction. An often-spotted situation in the crypto markets is retrieving assets from the lower crypto niches (including ETH) and injecting the same in the crypto king once it starts a rapid uptrend. Once the price gush diminishes, BTC supremacy starts to loosen, and altcoins witness a surge and begin their reign.

  1. The analyst Trading-Guru ( on Tradingview) confirms this is the exact point where ETH stands as of now wherein a bullish trend within ETH charts is clearly visible; it the point at which BTC consolidates with increasing value of alternate coins (altcoins). Trading-Guru concludes with the prediction of 16% gains for Ethereum as its price intersects with BTC.

  2. Top trading view analyst Solldy explains in his Ethereum price prediction that a strong resistance on the ETH chart once the price cut through the level heading upwards. The analyst predicts a descending trend considering it a continuation of the form originated in May 2020 charts. A strong resistance line owing to the rising price is expected, after which the price is expected to smoothly drift downwards towards the support and level point.

Probably the effects of ETH 2.0 are going to be felt in the next weeks.

Eth2 is a long-planned upgrade to the Ethereum network, giving it the scalability and security it needs to serve all of humanity. The first stage of Eth2, called Phase 0, is planned to launch in 2020.

Eth2 will reduce energy consumption, allow the network to process more transactions, and increase security. Technically speaking, Ethereum will become a proof-of-stake blockchain and introduce shard chains. This is a huge change to how Ethereum works and it should bring equally huge benefits.

But it's only a change to Ethereum's infrastructure. If you're already an ETH holder, dapp user or dapp developer, you don't need to do anything because Eth2 will be compatible with the main Ethereum network you use today. You'll be able to use the ETH you own today in Eth2 too.

So, in my opinion the key points have changed since last week and are as follows:

  • Ethereum had a great almost 30% rise in price

  • Bullish

  • ETH 2.0 around the corner

  • The price follows bitcoin, so a correction should follow

Personal positional bear long term trade (1) : order to buy ETH at 280$

Im buying ethereum on Binance.

3. Mid cap picks


  • market cap : 1,91 bil $

  • available supply : 750.982.516 $

  • current price : 2,55$

  • price prediction EOY : 4-6$

  • staking available, ethereum competitor

Tezos is an open-source platform for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders.

More information here :

11 October update : small move up, currently trading at 2,295$ (2,15$ last sunday)


19 October update: following the ETH chart, currently trading at 2,1915 (i'm accumulating at this prices as much as I can)

27 October update: small move up to 2,25$ that retraced quickly, currently trading at 2,10$

8th of November update : small move up to 2,19$ that retraced quickly, currently trading at 2,09$

16th of November update : trading at 2,09, this seems to be the bottom, I am buying at these levels

23rd of November update : trading at 2,55$ levels with an increase of 25% on the weekly.


  • market cap : 1,36 BIL $

  • available supply : 238.846.627 $

  • current price : 5,74 $

  • price prediction EOY : 6-8$

  • staking available, ethereum competitor

Strictly speaking, Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermintconsensus.

In other words, Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Before Cosmos, blockchains were siloed and unable to communicate with each other. They were hard to build and could only handle a small amount of transactions per second. Cosmos solves these problems with a new technical vision. In order to understand this vision we need to go back to the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

More information here :

11 October update : price went up 15% in the last week, indicating my "not financial advice" from last week's report was on point. Currently trading at 6,091 $ ( 5,23$ last sunday)

19 October update : price came down (as it should), currently trading at 5,607 $. I'm not taking any action, just staking and if it goes further down, buying.

27 October update: in correction, currently trading at 5,14$

08th of November update: currently trading at 4,71$, I'm thinking of opening a long futures position on Binance.

16th of November update : trading at 5,1$ levels, an increase in price of 8,01% since last week

23rd of November update : trading at the 5,7 $ level, an increase in price of 12 % since lat week

4. High risk picks


  • market cap : 834.648.582 $

  • available supply : 215.057.921 coins

  • total supply : coins

  • current price : 3,88 $

  • price prediction EOY : 4$-6$

  • decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum

  • farming, staking

Uniswap v1 is an on-chain system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, imple- menting an automated liquidity protocol based on a “constant product formula” . Each Uniswap v1 pair stores pooled reserves of two assets, and provides liquidity for those two assets, maintaining the invariant that the product of the reserves cannot decrease. Traders pay a 30-basis-point fee on trades, which goes to liquidity providers. The contracts are non-upgradeable.

11 October update : still waiting for a big wick up ( current price 3,40$)

19 October update : still waiting ( current price 3,1983 $).

27 October update: in correction (almost over), currently trading at 2,76$, I am buying at this levels

08th of November update: currently trading at 2,62$, I'm thinking of opening a long futures position on Binance at this levels. Only thing holding me back is a previous announcement made a couple of weeks ago where they said another airdrop might be coming, which will drive the price much lower.

16th of November update : OMG it reached the low side of my targeted price. On the 15th of November it briefly touched the 4,12$ levels, an increase of almost 90% since last week. I expect more upside in the coming weeks ( if the btc correction doesn't ruin this for me).

23rd of November update : as I was saying last week, more upside on the price is here, currently trading at 3,88$ level.

- Sushiswap SUSHI

  • market cap : 203.361.171. $ ( an increase of 30 bln since last week)

  • available supply : 123.619.433 coins

  • total supply : 152.078.209 coins

  • current price : 1,65 $

  • price prediction EOY : 6-8$

  • farming, staking

SushiSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain.Unlike other protocols, SushiSwap is a community run project that is governed by vote of the community. There are a few core products for SushiSwap's ecosystem:

Each of these serve a different purpose within the ecosystem.

11 October update : still waiting for a big wick up ( current price 0,7696 $)

19 October update : I think we're about to see some great moves in the following weeks, currently trading at 0,687 but I think it's bottomed or it's close (only upside from here )

27 October update: in correction (almost over), currently trading at 0,63$, I am buying at this levels

8th of November update: currently trading at 0,61$. I think we are very close to a parabolic price breakout since the available supply is very close to reaching the total coin supply. This would mean almost every coin is on the market so no "creator" intervention such as price dumps will occur soon.

16th of November : Sushi doubled its market cap in one week, the price followed. I am trying to buy some more if bitcoin corrects. The levels I am watching are 0,8$ & 0,7$.

23rd of November update : currently trading at 1,65 $ levels, still hoping for a dip

5. I added some new future projects I believe in :

- Centaur - by combining the best elements of decentralised finance with measured regulatory control,Centaur is bridging DeFi and traditional finance.

the initial coin registration sale ends in 17 hours,

find details here :

- Polka starter - POLS token holders will be able to vote on product features, token utility, types of auctions and even decide which projects get to be featured by Polkastarter. Transaction fees will be paid in POLS

find details here :

Persistence - Borrow crypto with real world assets on Cosmos.

find details here :

- Oasis - Scalable and privacy-enabled blockchain for DeFi, backed by big names like a16z, pantera, and polychain

find details here :

Members that purchased a free membership will continue to have acces to general crypto data and lessons while VIP members will receive the full report as seen above (and my thanks for their trust and support ).

I'm trading on Binance, here.

Disclaimer : the opinions presented in the following report are my own and DO NOT CONSTITUTE FINANCIAL ADVICE. Cryptocurrency trading is a very risky endeavour. You can and probably will lose your money if you do not do your own research.

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