The first time i didn’t buy bitcoin

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I first found out about Bitcoin in 2011. We (me and wifey) were looking to buy a small piece of land in the mountains to build a lodge. So after about ten months of searching we finally met a young hipster dude that had some land for sale up in the mountains of Transylvania. The place was awesome, up in the mountains but not very far from the main road, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and overlooking the small village bellow, just as the Hollywood sign watches over ... well, Hollywood.

I negociated hard. Or so i thought that discussion would go, taking into account the beauty of the place. It didn't. He easily gave up 30% of the asking price in the first 10 minutes of negociating. A deal was struck and we shuck hands, i was smilling, he was smilling. It seemed like a win-win situation. I was the one really feeling like a winner, but i wasn't. You know why ? Let me tell you.

He told me he was going to buy some digital gold with the money i paid for that piece of land. He told me he was actively buying and saving every penny he could get his hand on to buy some ... bitcoin. He managed to acumulate by the end of 2011 somewhere around 90.000 BTC. At that point i was laughing and telling him what a great fool he is and that nobody in their sane mind would spend real money to buy "internet money. He didn't even flinch.

Maybe he was a time traveller. Maybe that was my first chance to financial freedom. We will never know because i was too blinded by everything society already taught me about money and, offcourse, i didn't buy any bitcoin in 2011.

That bitcoin in 2011 was worth 100.000$. Today the same amount is worth almost 1 billion $.

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